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A deep need for freedom ...


My artistic journey
and Humanity

Like many artists, I took my first steps in artistic creation through figurative subjects. My deep need for freedom made my work naturally evolve towards rather abstract universes. Universes with exploded forms that combine the imaginary and the unknown, in which suggestion is privileged.

Guided by my emotional language, my paintings translate inner worlds, intimate feelings, fleeting impressions, mixed with the play of colors, leaving a very personal imprint.

The random effects of water in watercolor, combined with the freedom of gesture, reflect the impressions of the moment on which the work is built.

In each creation, a parenthesis opens onto a micro universe. Sustained rhythm, signs and forms respond to each other, revealing high, low notes, and silences in warm, cold or neutral colours.

A real language is set up on which a dialogue is structured. Emotions and messages are then expressed. Shapes, lines and colors respond to each other and come together in a single impulse.

Creation is an eternal laboratory. Each new work is a new personal adventure. That is what drives me every day to discover this infinite space of freedom. This moment is for me the privileged place where I discover myself and can advance on my own artistic path.

To be an artist is to accept going through an infinite number of periods of affirmation and doubt. It is to evolve at the rhythm of life, of our human and artistic encounters.  

Artistic expression is for me a personal commitment that I want to be deeply turned towards Humanity.

I am a member of "Groupement Intensité" in Paris, a group of artists based on artistic research.

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