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Guests Book

"We immerse ourselves in the flavor of watercolor, in the sweetness, 

you get lost in it as in a swimming pool of clear water ...

We swim there pleasantly. "

Pierre H.


"Peaceful atmosphere, where shapes and colors, strength and softness

come together wonderfully. "


Dominique T.

"The doors are wide open and the worlds are wonderful

rush into it. "

Véronique L.


"Flight into space, birth of an aerial people, of a galaxy,

settlement in space then zoom on a new adventure.

A long history with Art since your beginnings. "

Françoise C.

"A beautiful journey into the unknown, the unconscious, the dream."

Noelle P.

"I traveled as if I discovered new visions of the universe,

captivated by so much of the unknown. "

Richard L.

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