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My working technique

Matériels 2.jpg

For more than fifteen years I have been passionated about watercolor. I feel fascinated by its untamable side due to water effects. I still want to push its limits and try to sublimate this medium more and more.

Each painting is a superposition of several layers of medium.

My first brushstrokes are thrown on the water-soaked paper. At this stage, it is necessary to work quickly and gesturally because in watercolour, the first effects shaped by water cannot be modified.

Then I blur colours with large dry flat brushes. This is my working base on which overprints are then added, respecting drying times of watercolour. The last overprints are completely dry, several hours after drying, in order to avoid any fusion of colours. This is why it is difficult for me to say how long it takes me to build a painting. It depends on the drying times and the wanted effects.

I love to add silver, gold or copper pigments. This allows to obtain a grainy effect and unique fusions which is important in my creation work.

I am used to work in a gouache style which brings movement and energy to my painting.

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