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Over the water and
my words of Watercolors ...

Résonnance 1 copie.jpg


"A bit like writing a score where signs and sounds respond to each other, around colors calming down between them. A closed universe within very intense animated forces"


"A long journey through the history of centuries, the traces of multiple cultures, sometimes split, sometimes harmonious, always creating our common history, taking on the colors of intensity, fire, luminosity, the depths of the bark Terrestrial. A complex world, anchoring points in our vast universe around which move micro universes, gorged with peoples, oceans, tensions, plenitude, dragging the World towards an enigmatic unknown. "


The interior mirror

"The inner mirror

The luminosity is veiled,

Sound and moving forms fade away. 

Warm and cold colors intersect. 

Poetic universes take over,

emerging from the silence. 

Mixture of mystery and illusion, the mirror fascinates. "

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